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Registration for CCS Instructor- Led Online Professional Development

Winter Session 2018

Monday, 12/4/2017: Registration Opens

Thursday, 1/4/2018: Registration Closes

Monday, 1/15/2018: Courses Begin

Friday, 2/9/2018: Courses End


Click the link below to browse the courses offered for the Winter Session:
CCS Online PD-Winter, 2018 Courses

Spring 1 Session 2018

Monday, 1/8/2018: Registration Opens

Friday, 2/9/2018: Registration Closes

Monday, 2/26/2018: Courses Begin

Friday, 4/6/2018: Courses End

Click the link below to browse the courses offered for the Spring 1 Session:

CCS Online PD-Spring 1, 2018 Courses

If you need help with course registration, please view the tutorial or step-by-step screenshots below:
Video Tutorial: Registering for a CCS Instructor-Led Online PD Course


CCS Online Professional Development courses are located in HomeBase. In order to see course descriptions and register for courses, you will first need to enter NCEES, where the online PD platform is located (the same area where you can find your teacher evaluation tool).  To find course descriptions, register for courses, and participate in courses, start by clicking on the Home Base login at the bottom of the CCS home page. (Please note that course names/descriptions will not appear in the platform until registration opens and will no longer appear once registration for a course is full. The system has been set up this way by NCDPI).

Image of Employee Resources found on the Cumberland County Schools' Website.


Once you click on the Home Base link, please type in your user information to log into Home Base.

Image of the NC Ed Cloud sign in boxes on the Cumberland County Schools website.



Once you’ve logged into Home Base, you will see several choices. Please click on the TrueNorthLogic link.

Image of the TrueNorthLogic link on the Cumberland County Schools website.



When you arrive at the NCEES page, click on the Professional Development tab.

HomeBase Professional Development

You’ll see several things on this page, including news from NCDPI, and a search bar/links so that you can see all of the PD that’s available both locally and via NCDPI. To see the local courses that are available for your registration, look in the “Recommended Training” area.

Image of the Recommended Training area of the NC Educator Effectiveness System on the Cumberland County Schools webpage.


If you click on the titles, you can read information about the courses and register for them. If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Graham at or 910-829-4490.


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